Snooker Phone Cases: 4 Great Options for Apple, Samsung and Huawei

By Ballin' Bazzer •  Updated: 02/05/21 •  2 min read

Snooker phone cases are a great way to make your phone eye-catching — because we all know that when it comes to phones in snooker clubs, they should be seen and not heard!

It doesn’t matter whether you own an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Huawei. There’s a great option just waiting for you or your loved one.

iPhone snooker phone cases

iphone snooker cover

Faux Leather Cover

This case provides easy access to mute, volume, camera and audio jack functions. The soft luxury inner lining means there’ll be no scratches on your screen. And it even has space for credit cards and currency, so you can hold everything you need in one place. Check it out now.


Apple iPhone Matte Snooker Case on Snooker Spot

Matte Tough Shockproof Case

Easy to attach and with raised bevel protection to keep your camera safe, this little beauty also has a front lift bevel that offers some protection against inadvertent bumps and scrapes on your iPhone screen. The polycarbonate outer shell and TPU inner case make it shock resistant too. Check it out now.


Samsung snooker phone cases

Samsung Galaxy S20 snooker phone case on Snooker Spot

Ultra Soft Flexi Silicone Gel/TPU Bumper Cover

This eye-catching case offers edge protection and easy grip material, keeping your phone protected without adding any significant weight to your pocket. You’ve also got full camera access and easy access to ports and speakers. Check it out now.


Huawei snooker phone cases

Huawei snooker phone case

Flip Faux PU Leather Cover

Just like the first case in this post, this faux leather cover wraps around both sides of your phone. It includes credit card and currency storage. Camera access is superb, and the magnetic clip means the case stays shut until you want to use your phone. Check it out now


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