Snooker triangles and cue racks

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Triangles and racks; essential equipment for any snooker player.

By now, you should have your snooker balls and snooker cues. Now, you need something to help organise your table and somewhere to put your cues. These bits of equipment are essential for any snooker player. Here are our best picks of triangles and racks.

Black plastic Snooker triangle

Under £5, here’s a simple snooker triangle that can fit your 16″ snooker balls. Including free delivery, this product has received high customer feedback and does exactly what it says on the tin (so to speak).

Wooden professional snooker triangle

This is a wooden, professional triangle which will help you collect the ball into the required formation. At under £10, it also comes with free delivery.

Alomejor Billiards Ball Rack Wooden Professional Triangle and Diamond Snooker Ball Racks Billiard Table Accessory(American)
  • 【ARRANGE AND ARRANGE BILLIARDS】This billiard rack can help you collect the ball into the required formation when playing billiards or billiards, and it is easy to kick off.
  • 【MULTIPLE CHOICES】There are three specifications of this billiard rack, you can choose them at will, according to your needs.
  • 【RETRO STYLE】The wooden surface of this billiard rack reflects the retro and simple style, and has a unique sense.
  • 【QUICK START KICK OFF】This billiard rack is a professional rack that can help you spread the ball as fast as possible.
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY WOOD】This billiard ball rack is made of high-quality wooden materials, which is durable and has a long service life.

Plastic triangle for snooker

Labelled as the #1 best seller on Amazon, this triangle is as simple as it comes but does exactly the job it needs to. Suitable for 15 x 2 inch balls, and can also be ideal for pool if necessary. HOWEVER, this is not for full-size, standard snooker. It is for the small size.

Plastic triangle for snooker / pool - for 15 x 2in balls
  • Plastic triangle
  • For 15 x 2in balls
  • Suitable for reds / yellows pub pool

Snooker Cue Rack

Snooker cue rack with clips that holds six cues. Dimensions of 40cm x 4cm x 4cm, and are ‘very easy to assemble to wall.’ The perfect place to store your cues.

Snooker Pool Cue Rack with Clips - Holds 6 Cues - T100
  • Good quality mahogany finish 2 piece wall cue rack for 6 cues

Wall Mount 6 Cue Wooden Deluxe Rack

This wall mount is stylish and can hold up to six cues. Described as a ‘deluxe rack’, it comes in at just £12 and has received high customer feedback.


Looks like you’re almost there with your equipment with the triangles and racks. Are you now after some inspiration to begin your snooker career? Take a look at our best pick of snooker autobiographies.

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