Snooker cues: Best long snooker rests

By Snooker Jim •  Updated: 11/01/19 •  2 min read

Here are some of the best long rests for your snooker shots.

Cross Rests

For snooker matches, a straight-forward cross rest is normally top of the accessories list.

The standard length of a cross rest is roughly 60 inches, and is the most common of all rests to help you get to those out-of-reach shots. It is easier to use than any other rests and is perfect for beginners.

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Spider Rests

The Spider Rest is another simple yet effective accessory for snooker players, but is slightly taller than the cross rest.

A usual standard snooker setup will have both cross and spider rests.

This enables you to get to those tricky shots where you’re hampered by a ball close to the cue ball.
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Extended Spider and Swan

These rests enable players to reach a cue ball which is the other side of a group of balls – for instance the pack of reds in Snooker. This extension allows the player to reach further than the standard cross and spider rests.
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Telescopic End of Table Snooker Rest

The beast. This is for when a normal rest just won’t do. Out of position? No problem. You’ll see these used at most professional snooker events.

telescopic rest on Snooker Spot

Take a closer look

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