Snooker cues: Best long snooker rests

By Snooker Jim •  Updated: 11/01/19 •  2 min read

Here are some of the best long rests for your snooker shots.

Cross Rests

For snooker matches, a straight-forward cross rest is normally top of the accessories list.

The standard length of a cross rest is roughly 60 inches, and is the most common of all rests to help you get to those out-of-reach shots. It is easier to use than any other rests and is perfect for beginners.

Spider Rests

The Spider Rest is another simple yet effective accessory for snooker players, but is slightly taller than the cross rest.

A usual standard snooker setup will have both cross and spider rests.

This enables you to get to those tricky shots where you’re hampered by a ball close to the cue ball.

Extended Spider and Swan

These rests enable players to reach a cue ball which is the other side of a group of balls – for instance the pack of reds in Snooker. This extension allows the player to reach further than the standard cross and spider rests.

Telescopic End of Table Snooker Rest

The beast. This is for when a normal rest just won’t do. Out of position? No problem. You’ll see these used at most professional snooker events.

Take a closer look

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