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Snooker table covers: 3 superb covers for full size tables

Snooker Tables

Snooker table covers: 3 superb covers for full size tables

Here are our top three superb snooker table covers for your full size snooker tables…

Black Peradon Snooker Cover
snooker table covers

This is a superb snooker table cover. At £26.95 and with free delivery, this cover fits 12ft snooker tables with elasticated covers, making it easy to put over your table.

One review reads: ‘This is made of a soft vinyl material (like an umbrella fabric). It is not too bulky when you take it off the table in order to play. The elasticated corners make fitting the cover straightforward even on a full-size table, and it looks very professional. I’m not sure how it will stand up to prolonged sunlight coming in through the glass walls and roof of the conservatory, but time will tell.’

SPARTAN Heavy Duty Water Resistant Full Size Snooker Table Cover

snooker table covers

This heavy duty, durable and water resistant these covers will protect your table for years. Suitable for full side 12ft snooker tables, this protectsyour table from sunlight, liquids, dirt and grime and is strong and durable. PLUS, it has only received five star reviews on Amazon.

Peradon Fitted Heavy Duty Table Cover

snooker table covers

Dark green heavy duty Snooker table cover for a full size snooker table. With fitted corners, it protects the table and cloth from dust and dirt. Superb for both home and club use, it’s a great way to protect a snooker table when not in use. It is also eligible for free delivery, and costs under £80.


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