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Snooker table brushes: the best options for under £20

mohair snooker table brush

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Snooker table brushes: the best options for under £20

Snooker table brushes might not be the sexiest item in your kit. But they are worth their weight in gold, helping to keep your table in excellent condition for little cost.

Here are some of the best options on the market for under £20.

Dilwe Two-Piece Rail Brush 

Snooker table brush: Dilwe Two-Piece Rail Brush This two-piece set is a real all-rounder. It comes with a main brush for the table bed and another for where the corners and the cushions meet the bed.

Given its budget price, it’s surprisingly well put together. The handles are made of sturdy wood and offer a comfortable grip. The brush hairs are also both soft and durable.

If you need a snooker brush, this is well worth a look.

Buy the Dilwe Two-Piece Rail Brush today.

Genuine Horsehair Bristles Snooker Table Brush

Genuine Horsehair Bristles Snooker Table BrushThis 12-inch mahogany model is a real throwback and one of the best snooker table brushes on the market. The high quality wooden finish takes us back to the snooker halls of our youth.

Add in the genuine horsehair strong silver and black bristles, alongside a raft of happy customer reviews, and it’s clear it’s an item of real prestige.

Buy the Genuine Horeshair Bristles Snooker Table Brush today.


12-Inch Mohair Snooker Table Brush

mohair snooker table brushAnother throwback to yesteryear, the black and white patters on this mohair snooker table brush make it a striking addition to any table set up.

At 12 inches wide, it’ll brush up your table in quick speed. The cut of the hairs is also designed to catch all the difficult to reach areas down the side of your cushions and in and around both your corner and middle pockets.

Buy the 12-Inch Mohair Snooker Table Brush today.

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