Snooker scoreboards: Three traditional options

By Snooker Jim •  Updated: 03/24/20 •  2 min read

Snooker scoreboards; the perfect way to keep track of the scores.

If you’ve got your snooker table, snooker cues and snooker cue extensions, then there may be just one last thing you’re missing. A snooker scoreboard. Here are some of the best traditional options.

Rosetta Traditional Style Snooker table scoreboard

rosetta snooker scoreboards

A great traditional option, Rosetta brand, and at just over £30 and with free delivery, this scoreboard is traditional and stylish.

A brand new black abs plastic traditional snooker scoreboard for two-four players. A full size at 28″ x 16″ and is a less expensive alternative for any snooker room.

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Mahogany Mini Snooker Scoreboard

Mini snooker scoreboardsIf you’re searching for something a little more personal, this is ideal for your snooker table at home, enough for just two players at at a price of just under £23, and eligible for free delivery.

Made from wood and good value for money, it has received high feedback with 70% five star feedback. It has also been described as ‘good quality,’ ‘good value,’ and looking ‘great’. It also measures at a length of 425mm and width at 120mm.

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Peradon Full-size four-hander Mahogony Score Board

Peradon snooker scoreboardsThis Peradon scoreboard is stylish, professional and perfect for four-players and the last pick for our traditional options.

It is made with mahogany wood, 30″ wide and is made in Britain. It’s very stylish and would look perfect next to your snooker table, whether it be in a club or in the comfort of your own home. It also allows you to score up to four players at a time, and has been branded as ‘excellent’ in the reviews. 

At just £74.99 and with free delivery, this is a great option for your scoreboard.

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Now you’ve had a look at snooker scoreboards, take a look at some of our best picked options for snooker fashion to help you look the part.

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