Snooker referee gloves: which pair should you choose?

By Snooker Jim •  Updated: 03/24/20 •  2 min read

Here’s a list of some of the best snooker referee gloves found on Amazon at a cheap price.

Palestren soft-hand cotton referee gloves

referee gloves

The first on our list of snooker referee gloves. These are 100% cotton white gloves, with only medium and small sizes. While also good for other things, they are great for snooker refereeing and at a low, low price.

These soft and comfortable pure cotton gloves protect the skin on your hands, and are breathable and lightweight. In at just £2.61, and eligible for free delivery.

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White cotton referee gloves

amazon white gloves on Snooker Spot

This is Amazon’s choice, and is £9.99 and is eligible for free delivery.

These gloves are 100% cotton, and are made for handling sensitive objects; such as snooker balls. These gloves will leave no fingerprints, dirt or scratches, which is exactly what you need when handling snooker balls.

On the reviews, they have been labelled as a nice fit, ‘good value’ and one customer points out they are suitable for ‘large hands’.

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IPOTCH lightweight referee gloves

amazon lightweightgloves on Snooker Spot

These lightweight gloves are perfect for refereeing, and a good quality cotton and polyester gloves. One size fits most individuals, and they are washable and reusable. The product is also labelled as ‘perfect for referee.’

These gloves are just under £7.00, and are eligible for free delivery. Length: approx. 24cm / 9.4inch.

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Two pieces professional referee gloves

amazon progloves on Snooker Spot

Like everything else on this list, these are suitable for snooker refereeing and will do exactly what you need them to. Again, like others, these are lightweight white gloves, and are two pieces for £6.08 and with free delivery.

One customer wrote the feedback, ‘spot on!’.

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