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Snooker fashion: Best snooker waistcoats

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Snooker fashion: Best snooker waistcoats

Want to look the part whilst playing snooker? Here are some the best snooker waistcoats from Amazon, including some of our favourites.

Men’s Floral Paisley Waistcoat
best snooker waistcoats

One of the best snooker waistcoats with a tie and a pocket square. Same design, Perfect match. This is a stylish waistcoat that would make sure you stand out during your game of snooker. This comes in 10 optional sizes and 24 different colours. Tie Width: 3.4 inches(8.5cm) & Tie Length: 59 inches(150cm); Handkerchief size: 10 inches x 10 inches(25cm x 25cm); Material: 100% silk; Crafts: jacquard woven.

Hisdern Men’s Formal Wedding Party Waistcoat Cotton Solid Color Vest
Best Snooker waistcoats

With eight optional sizes and five buttons, this cotton-material waistcoat is yet again stylish. This is probably our favourite on this list and only £21.99 – £26.99.

Hisdern Men’s Classic Solid Color Jacquard Waistcoat

Simple yet stylish. This all-black waistcoat will help you look the part. Complimented with a black tie and pocket square, they’re the perfect match for a snooker game. If you’re looking for something a little more funky – we don’t judge – then it also comes in colours including red, purple, yellow and green!

Jinidu Men’s Waistcoat
best snooker waistcoats

The cheapest in this range – but still high quality nonetheless – this waistcoat is a three button down suit vest and is will make you look great for your snooker match. JINIDU is a professional brand for men’s clothing and they aim to offer well-made and unsurpassed suit vest.


Now you look the part, take a look at some snooker clubs in the North West you can show your new waistcoat to.

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