Snooker balls: three great cleaning fluids to clean your snooker balls

By Snooker Jim •  Updated: 11/20/19 •  2 min read

Now, you’ve spent good money on your snooker balls and want to keep them fresh, shiny and clean. Here are three quality cleaning fluids to clean your snooker balls and keep them in great condition.

Aramith Billiard/Pool Ball Cleaner & Polish

This product is used to clean and polish used billiard balls to their original luster and has good customer satisfaction. It is great for removing chalk and other small marks and less than £10.
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This cleaner and restorer pair is of high quality and perfect for snooker billiard balls. These products give a good shine to the balls and remove surface dirt, with a happy customer reviewing that it only took an hour to clean their set.

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Aramith Pool & Snooker Ball Cleaning Kit

Looking for a whole kit? We’ve got you covered.

This set comes with an Aramith micro fibre ball cleaning cloth, ball cleaner and a restorer kit.

With free delivery, this kit will help you keep your ball set in great condition and has received high feedback.
clean your snooker balls


Now, by this point, you should have your snooker cues and snooker balls and cleaning fluids. Now lets take a look at some of the best snooker apps so you can keep score.

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