Snooker balls: 4 great sets for under £100

By Snooker Jim •  Updated: 10/31/19 •  2 min read

Here are some great sets of snooker balls for £100.

Premium full size snooker set

This Aramith 2 1/16″ premier full size ball set has 22 balls and is recommended for full size tables. The balance and performance of the balls is incredible, and are described as ‘the best you can get without paying over 180 pound for the 1g balls.’

With high customer rating and good feedback, this set is only £79.95 with free delivery in the UK.

snooker balls

Oypla full size regulation 22 snooker billiard ball set

An official Oypla branded product, with ball diameter of 2 1/16″ (, this set is suitable for both competition and leisure use. The balls are calibrated to the correct universal weight. Highlight polished to perfection.

However, at just £21.99, the quality has been questioned by some users.
snooker balls

Aramith premier snooker ball set

This set includes 22 balls at two inch (50.8mm) and have high customer feedback, described as ‘brilliant quality’ and a ‘really good product.’

Just over half of the price mark at £54.95, these look a good value for money.
snooker balls

PowerGlide Snooker Balls

This PowerGlides snooker ball set includes 22 balls, boxed and a size of 2″ 1/16′ (53mm) and have received mixed reviews on Amazon.
snooker balls

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