Alternative games to play on a snooker table

By Snooker Jim •  Updated: 06/14/23 •  3 min read

Alternative games to play on a snooker table on Snooker Spot

If you have a table that you want to get a bit more use out of, then here are some suggestions for alternative games to play on a snooker table.


It may seem like an obvious answer, but if you have a table, and get some balls and play pool instead.

You can play eight ball, or nine ball, it’s easy to set up, and you can still get full use out of all of your equipment.

After a game has finished

Once the final ball has been potted, there is one more game you could potentially play with the cue ball.

Take the cue ball in your hand, you don’t need the cue for this, and try and bounce the ball off the cushion and into the pocket.

It is a good way to pass time if you have it on your hands, and with a snooker table, it is a challenge with how big the tables are.


Place the cue ball on the brown spot, and this is the jack ball. One player has four reds, and the other has four colours.

From the baulk line, each player takes a shot, and whichever one is closest to the cue ball will win.

Poison Ball

This is a good game- particularly if you want to practice potting.

You start off with 31 points, you can touch any ball you can apart from the brown. If you do, you will lose points.

However, you can only pot the ball in certain places. Green and Yellow must be potted in their corners only, black can only be potted in the top pockets and blue in the centre. The only ball that can be potted anywhere is pink.

Snooker Golf

This game can be played by two or four players on a snooker table.

Each hole on the table represents a hole on a mini-golf course. Each player has their own cue ball, and their own object ball.

The top right cushion is hole number one, and then you work clockwise around the table.

You start with your cue ball in the D, and then you have to hit your object ball into the designated pocket.

If you hit a foul shot, both balls come off the table and you will have to start again.

Player One starts with a white and red, then player two has yellow and green as their cue and object balls respectively. It keeps going in that sequence.

The winner is the first person to get around all six holes.

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